Yesterday's class was about latte art.


Our teacher taught us how to get the hang of it.


When we make latte art, we have to pay attention to 4 things at the same time: height, position, flow, and control.


Here "height" means the distance between the surface of coffee and the spout of the jug. And "position" means the spot where milk falls. And then, "flow" means the current of milk and coffee. And the last one, "control," means finding a good angle of the cup or jug.


I know these things are all important, but actually I can't control my wrist very well when I pour milk...


Anyway, no matter what happens, I always keep practicing!!



Barista class started this week!! I'd been waiting for that day to come.


I had lectures on the first day, and yesterday I learned how to make steamed milk by using the espresso machine.



The finer foam the better for latte art. So to make good steamed milk, I have to pay attention to the angle of the jug, the depth of the steamwand, and the sound.


And then, today, I learned about types of coffee drinks like latte, cappuccino, macchiato, etc. It was a little bit confusing, but I should have the recipes memorized in my head.


I can't wait for tomorrow's class !!



I've stayed in Sydney with my family for 2 days!!



Opera House

↓Pirate Ship for sightseeing

Beautiful city, good food, and good people, so we really liked it!


However, the air in Sydney was very bad because of bushfires.


Today we tried to see the rocks Three Sisters at Blue Mountains, but it was covered with deep mist or smoke, and we couldn't do that. However, I think that's rare and should be lucky because the sea of clouds was mysterious and beautiful then.



Anyway, thank you Sydney! I'll come back again!!




In Australia, when you pay money to someone or something, you can pay quickly and easily.


When you transfer your money to someone's bank account, you don't have to go to the bank or ATM. Though you need to download the app, you can send money just by using your phone.


And when you buy something at any shops, all you need to do is touching your card on the reader. You don't even have to enter your PIN and insert your card.


Just after a payment, you can check your balance on your phone right then.


How useful!


By the way, when one of my friends tried to take out more money than was in her account, it worked all right. And then, she checked her balance, and on her bankbook, "-$〇〇" was put.


Anyway, we should keep in mind not to do that even if it's quick and easy to pay.


Thank you!



Practicing latte art just with using water is called "mizu-ren" in Japanese.



A cup and jug.
That's all you need.


The purpose of it is to get to know the flow of water in the cup.


It might sound there's no meaning, but mizu-ren should help you make beautiful latte art.


Barista class will start next week. I can't wait !!



I'm working at the sushi restaurant, and I always learn something new there.


Firstly, I learned about English names of fishes. When I was asked "do you have eel?" by a customer for the first time, I didn't know the word "eel," so I called another staff and had her answer thet question... I looked it up later and I found that "eel" is "unagi" in Japanese.


Secondly, I learned that the word "karaage" sometimes makes customers confused. Some customers call this word, "karajji." So I'm usually trying to recognize "karajji" as "karaage."


At last, I learned that there are a lot of vegetarians in Australia unlike Japan. I thought all the customers come to my restaurant to have fish, but some customers only eat foods for vegetarians like avocado roll and vegetable gyoza.


Actually I have more, but I can't write it all. When I find new interesting things, I'll share it with you.


↓staff meal



カフェ イタリアンコーナー

Hey! It's Kudoko, trying to drink more water because one of my colleagues said she drinks a lot of water to keep her skin beautiful.


By the way, I live in Oakleigh, there are a lot of Greek cafes, and I tried the Italian cafe today.



"COFFEE BY ST. ALi," this words made me have an interest in the cafe. (ST. ALi is the greatest cafe in Melbourne.)


Long Black coffee

Penne Bolognese

Everything was delicious. The coffee had bitter taste, good flavor, and low acidity.



Diet starts tomorrow!